See what methods we offer in the application of hair extensions

Hair Extension 

You will Receive a no-obligation consultation for the hair extensions. You will be taken through the process in detail including aftercare, recommended products, and the total cost. 

Hair Extensions

Then You will do a color match as quite often the optimal color and texture blend is by combining hair from several different ponytails. They can also create in color combinations to create highlights and low-lights.No Problem to change the colors as often as you like and with no damage to your natural hair.

Keratin extensions

Keratin pre-bonded hair extensions come in individual bond with the nail or flat tip made of keratin.  Keratin is a hair protein. This is a natural protein found in human hair and nails. Having extensions put in is that your hair is feeding off the keratin

Hair Extensions

This is one of the most popular hair extensions methods available on the market. This method is perfect for adding both length and volume, its colored similarly to your hair so that they are virtually undetectable. We recommended this technique for fine hair. It largely depends on your own rate of natural hair growth as they can be re-positioned and we would recommend you book maintenance session after two/ three months.

Micro Ring Extension

Micro ring hair extensions are one of the most popular forms of hair extensions due to their safe and easy installation method.

The  Copper rings are available in different colors and they are covered with plastic  Which cushions for the hair. The rings clamp securely in place and will not slip out even during the most challenging of activities

Silicone micro rings are the latest innovation in the industry. Lighter, longer and with a thinner layer of silicon.  Lie as flat as conventional micro rings.  Ideal for people with sensitive scalps or hair prone to breakage

They come in a variety of colors and are perfectly matched to your hair color to ensure the attachment is as undetectable as possible. They are also very quick to fit, easy to remove.

Maintenance is advised every 6 – 8 weeks, this will ensure your extensions are always looking their best. This involves, replacing, moving, tidying and tightening all clips. Then putting back in any of your lost strands at which point 100% of the extension hair can be reused.

hair extensions

The Nano ring is the smallest way to Fit hair extensions.  

These rings are attached Nano-tip extensions to your hair at the end of each hair extension is a tiny wire.

Nano-tip extensions are lighter and allow your hair more freedom of movement, they are so tiny they are barely visible. 

This Technique allows you to have any style you desire.

 When your hair is thin,  Nano ring hair Extensions will help give you the volume that you require.