Hair Replacement


Our in House Hair Replacement Specialists  been changing the face of the Industry for three decades pioneering new hair systems.We are constantly driving the market for better resources and products for our clients.Prestige Hair Product research and development delivers hair styling systems for many medical and modern hair contra indication solutions. High quality hairdressing and hair care services are provided at the salon. Hair restoration services of a high standard are offered at all the salons for male, female and child customers. All services are customized according to the unique needs of each individual customer. Services offered include laser hair stimulation. Micropigmentation and camouflage of the scalp, scalp and hair care, fitting Systems. Iincluding medical Systems for patients with cancer or alopecia and eyelash extensions.


Hair Loss Specialist Consultation
As Master Wigmakers, we make bespoke, made to measure Systems and Volumizers’ systems for Ladies and Hair Replacement Systems for men. For all forms of hair loss and thinning hair. Consultations are free


LLT – Low Laser Therapy For Hair Loss
This medically proven treatment has a recorded success rate of 85% in men and women.
The treatment consists of stimulating the rate of hair growth.
Blocking and neutralizing “DHTs” which cause hair loss and Low Light Laser therapy to increase blood flow of nutrients to the hair folic